About Us

Why Northern Light?

When we purchased our property in 2010 we were not familiar with house concerts.  By the time we started designing our home we had been to many house concerts at Foul Rift, Silo Series, and Hobbit Hill.

We wanted to add to this wonderful community of music lovers and to be able to also promote local artists in a gallery in which they could show off their art.

So  we designed our house with these two ideas in mind.  In 2017 we completed construction and moved in.  It took another two years to have our first concert with The Kennedys and also our first gallery showing with Brian McCluskey’s beautiful photographs of musicians he has seen over the years.

We named our venue Northern Light because our house is situated to take advantage of the light from the north and the beautiful view of the sky we get from our decks and patio.  We hope you notice the gorgeous view and 360 degree view of the sky when you visit.

Barbara and Kevin are both New Jersey born and bred with a little bit of Texas thrown in.  We have 3 children (well- actually adults now), 8 grandchildren, and 2 great grands. We moved to Austin in the 1980’s for Kevin to attend The University of Texas where he was graduated with a degree in engineering.  We lived in Texas for five years before returning to our roots in New Jersey.

We share a passion for horses.  We have owned and boarded horses at Northern Light for years.  Sadly, we lost our last horse, Altair, in the winter of 2024 so we no longer have these beautiful animals in our barn.  But we will always have a special place in our heart for them.

Barbara is a former electrologist who owned Bel Esprit Skin Care Center, an adoptee advocate who started a progressive adoption group in Austin, graduated Warren County Community college with highest honors at the age of 67, and is now a working potter.

We’re both passionate about live music.  Kevin loves riding and working with horses as well as riding his bicycle on the beautiful roads of Warren and Hunterdon counties.


Barbara with Orion, a very sweet Morgan X Percheron gelding.

Some of our friends have asked us why we do the house concerts because they involve so much work and (often) stress.  The answer is simple– we are doing our best to support the arts, to support and encourage these talented musicians who so graciously share their craft, and to bring these wonderful experiences to our friends and family.  Music is important; it is the universal language.  It connects us humans with each other in the most fundamental way.  In our world, which is so fraught with division and anxiety, it is a bridge to each other. We are trying to make our little corner of the world a better place.


Kevin with Altair